President Letter 2018

 February 15, 2018


Dear Member,

Happy New Year! Before we all know it, the 2018 summer months will be upon us, allowing some well-deserved R&R for our returning families and new members alike. We are so thankful for our pool family. Without you, and without those who have come before us, none of this would be possible. Thank you!

Summer is time for fun and relaxation. The Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the season. Our members and their guests get the opportunity to beat the heat of summer in their own backyard, and avoid the parkway traffic! The pool is a great way to stay cool, catch some rays, meet new friends and best of all, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We would also like to welcome every one of our members back for the 2018 season at the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club.

We are also pleased to announce that Mark Morici will be back again as our Head Pool Manager, and are excited to introduce Dylan Kaiser as our Assistant Pool Manager. He is currently a gym teacher in Fort Lee, his experience in the school system and knowledge from the Certified Pool Operators course makes him a great asset to the team. Meredith Stroud will also be returning as our Head Lifeguard.

The board wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Charlie Ferraro for all he has done for the HHSC throughout the years and wish him well in his future endeavors. He will be missed by many.



As we began preparing in 2017, during the 2018 season we are committed to a higher level of maintenance, landscaping standards and forward-thinking improvements to help insure that safety and beautification remain a priority for us. Our goal is to provide a distinguishable ambiance that makes it clear to visitors when they have entered or exited the town.

As you are probably aware, our pool renovations are in its later stages. The new steel gutters have been installed; alterations to the piping in the equipment room to accommodate the new system, the collector piping for the deck drains, as well as the large diameter piping related to the supply and drain lines to the new gutters have also been completed. The modification of the main drain piping at the diving hopper is complete, including the installation of two new main drains conforming to the requirements of the Federal VGA Law. The surge tank walls and base slab are complete but placing the concrete top slab of the tank will have to wait, hopefully not long, for milder weather. The remaining work, which is, the replacement of the concrete deck around the pool, the installation of the new pool ladders and diving stands, the paving of the basketball area, and sodding of the grounds will begin once the weather turns a bit milder.

The board is very excited for each one of you to see the renovations that the pool has undergone this offseason. We think you will be pleased and let’s remember the pool will stay warmer as the water will recirculate!


•      DUES

HHSC is Bondholder Owned, which means you are a partial owner of this new and improved pool. Since we are a not-for-profit pool, this means that all funds received go directly back into the construction, up keep, activities and running of the pool for the enjoyment of all members.

The board debated long and hard on this. To ensure the HHSC is in a stable financial position to pay back the financing borrowed for these repairs, all members that did not take advantage of our Winter promotion (paid a $200 deposit by 1/31) will have a $50 increase in dues for 2018. For those that got your check in on time, your dues will remain at 2017 rates for the 2018 season. If you would like to start sending in money early, to put yourself on a payment plan, please feel free to send installments to PO Box 192 or pay via our website ( at any time prior to April 2nd, 2018. Please do
not forget to list your membership #.



We will continue to send out invoices electronically this year no later than March 1st. Members are reminded that all dues must be paid in full by April 2nd, 2018, to avoid a $50 late fee.
Member questionnaire and proof of residency will need to be submitted at same time, but can now be done on line (see website update below for steps). For any billing inquiries or if you do not receive an emailed invoice by March 1st, please contact us at


If you are planning to resign your membership for the 2018 season, while we are sad to see you go, you must notify the club in writing, by April 2nd, 2018 to avoid the $100 penalty.

Email your resignation to and mail in your bond certificate or notarized letter (in case you have misplaced your bond certificate) for the bond refund process to begin. Please be respectful of your fellow members and notify us so that the board may effectively manage membership totals and budget accordingly.



We are happy to report that guest fees and birthday party rates will not go up in 2018. We will also be continuing to offer $5 discounted twilight guest passes for those members that bring a guest after 4pm Monday – Friday.



As you are aware, we are trying to determine ways to fundraise. Many ideas are being considered, but two ideas that we wanted to share with you:

  • Food Truck Festival – Save the Date, May 19th (pending approval) Details to follow.
  • Buy a brick! – More to come but secure a place in the pool legacy by ordering an engraved brick. The brick will by 4″x8″ with 3 lines of engraving! The official launch date to be announced.



Currently, we are not at full membership for this year, and are accepting applications. We are thrilled to announce we have accepted approximately 20 new members this past off season, predominantly from Hasbrouck Heights and are happy to acknowledge our Wood-Ridge memberships continue to increase.

As we have modified our lease with the town in 2017, we are now also accepting applications for Sponsored Families from other towns (5 current pool family references are needed with each application). We also increased our lease to welcome families from the following (only 3 pool family references needed)

  • Corpus Christi
  • Borough of Hasbrouck Heights employees (Teachers, Police, EMT)


•      GET FREE STUFF (Pay on time and refer a friend)

As an incentive to receive payment by April 2nd, we are offering two non-transferable / non-replaceable FREE GUEST PASSES for everyone who posts their credit card charge or postmarks their check payments by April 2nd (no exceptions after April 2nd), so please get those dues in and take advantage of this special offer.

We will be holding a NEW MEMBERSHIP BLITZ starting Feb 15, 2018.

Refer a friend and as an incentive We will grant two non-transferable / non-replaceable FREE GUEST PASSES for every family that refers a “NEW” member (applications will be updated to include a field for membership referral). This field must be filled out with the name of the referring member for them to receive their guest passes.

As an extra incentive On May 1st, we will grant the member with the most “NEW” member referrals a $50 credit to use this year 2018 at the pool (guest passes, birthday parties, swim lessons).

And for the member who refers the most “NEW” member referrals for the season (expires Labor Day), we will grant a $100 of free credits to use in the 2019 season!

Start spreading the news and cash in on our amazing savings this season!



We are excited to report we have worked this off season to correct the issues we experienced last year in our website. Please take a moment to view us at

    1. You can now renew and pay your membership online through our merchant services web portal.
    2. Member questionnaire and proof of residency forms can be done online.
    3. Events, swim lessons, and swim & dive meet information will all be posted and updated on our

To enhance customer service and efficiency, the below email address can be utilized to ensure your questions and concerns are routed to the appropriate people:

Billing or account questions? Resigning? Questions on how to request a bond refund?
Please include your membership #, and contact us at:

All other inquiries can continue to be sent to:



We are happy to continue to offer swim lessons again this year. The structure will change slightly at a cost of $20 per child per session. Tentative dates for lessons are included with this letter, and more information to follow.



We hope you noticed and enjoyed the amazing pool events last season! There were events for all ages and levels including an exclusive teen party, adult night parties, raft nights, and the traditional events and parties normally scheduled throughout the season. Our Social Committee is currently working on expanding the 2018 activities and events. These events help our community grow, bond, and thrive.


•      SAFETY

This Is Your Pool… To have an efficiently operated pool, it is necessary for members to fully comply with the rules and regulations. They are for your safety and to protect your investment in the club. Parents, please caution your children to observe the rules and regulations and to obey the instructions of the pool staff. We encourage you to get to know all the Board and provide them your support. They give up much of their time to ensure that the club runs well for years to come. Our rules and bylaws can be found on our website
In conclusion, we want to express our enthusiasm for the 2018 summer season, appreciation to the current and past Board members and most importantly a big thanks to all the members that make this club successful year after year. We are looking forward to the great things ahead for HHSC.

As always, if there is anything we can do to help make your day at the pool more enjoyable, such as, assistance with your umbrella or cleaning your table off, please just stop at the front desk and ask for assistance. We are there to help.

Notifications and updates will be sent via email and Facebook (like us, if you have not already done so).

Hoping for a sunny 2018 season,

Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club Board of Trustees




Jennifer Ober

President,  Hasbrouck  Heights Swim Club