President Letter 2020

 February 9, 2019


Dear Member,                                                                        February 16, 2020

Just like that the holidays are behind us as we can start to see the end of winter around the corner and we are all dreaming of warmer days by the pool! The 2020 pool season will be here in a blink and we are so much looking forward to seeing all of our returning pool families and new members alike.
As Frank Sinatra famously sang, “The Summer Wind came blowin’ in”, and in a few months – those Summer winds will be here. There is going to be no better place to be to experience an amazing summer than at the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club.  Come down and unwind by the pool to enjoy the company of friends and family, get lost in conversation and laughter or to enjoy the solitude of a great book or even to just grab a nap in the sun – either way, this will be the place to enjoy the season. Our members and their guests get the opportunity to beat the heat of summer right here in Hasbrouck Heights, avoiding the parkway traffic and crowded beaches!  The pool is a great way to stay cool, catch some rays, meet new friends and best of all, it’s an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.  Welcome back to every one of our members for the 2020 season at the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club!
A big thank you to Jennifer Ober, for all that she did as she faithfully served the pool club as President these past 3 years.  Jenn’s service, accomplishments and leading the huge renovation project of the pool club will be her lasting legacy.
As well as a huge thank you to members of the Board of Directors that have stepped down this past year, Nicole Buonomo and Elizabeth Liu.  Their time and effort over the years contributed to the success of the pool as we know it today.
At the November public meeting, the new Executive Board of Directors was announced, I, Mike Davis have taken over for Jenn Ober as President, Jodi Bernet is the new Vice President, Jen Tsigarais remains as the Pool Treasurer (best one in all of Bergen County so we couldn’t let her move on) and Dana Newman who previously served us amazingly as Vice President has taken on the duties of Board Secretary.  The new Executive Board looks forward to serving and leading the pool club to continued prosperity.
We are pleased to announce that Mark Morici will be back again as our Head Pool Manager, Dylan Kaiser as our Assistant Pool Manager and Jill Digiacinto as our closing manager.


As a reminder, HHSC is Bondholder Owned, which means you are a partial owner of this new and improved pool. Since we are a not-for-profit pool, this means that all funds received go directly back into the construction, up keep, activities and running of the pool for the enjoyment of all members.

At the November public meeting the Board announced and released the new Dues Structure.  Going out in conjunction with his letter is an additional attachment with detailed information about the new structure roll out.  In addition, the new structure will be uploaded onto the club website.  Over the years, there had been numerous requests by the membership to review the dues structure.  Upon that investigation and analysis it was found that indeed the Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club was out of step with similar private pool clubs around Bergen County.  Many clubs in the area offer tiered pricing based on membership size (single, couple, and various family sizes).  We believe the new structure will offer a broad appeal and enable our pool membership to grow while remaining fair to all size membership groups (from single to large families).  The Board rolled out its 3 year strategic plan to normalize rates of the current membership over the next 2 years before the full launch to the new fee scale in 2022.  Most families will not see a change to their rates in 2020 and 2021 (they will remain the same as they were in 2019).  Over the course of the 2020 and 2021 season we will be normalizing just the applicable memberships that are out of step with majority of families by increasing them in reasonable increments to be in line with the current pricing by 2022.  Starting this summer we will be offering (for the first time) single and couple rates.  Please read the detailed information in the New Dues Link, Attachment or on the club website.  The rate for new family memberships for the season will be $765 (for all other than singles or couples). If you would like to start sending in money early, to put yourself on a payment plan, please feel free to send installments to P.O. Box 192 or pay via our website ( at any time prior to April 15th, 2020. Please do not forget to list your membership #.


We will continue to send out invoices electronically this year no later than March 1st.  Members are reminded that all dues must be paid in full by April 15th, 2020, to avoid a $50 late fee. Please get these in on time and do not request an extension, as extensions will not be honored.

Member questionnaire and proof of residency will need to be submitted at same time and can be done on line by logging in as a new or existing member.  For any billing inquiries or if you do not receive an emailed invoice by March 1st, please contact us at


If you are planning to resign your membership for the 2020 season, while we are sad to see you go, you must notify the club in writing, by April 1st, 2020 to avoid the $100 penalty.

Email your resignation to and mail in your bond certificate or notarized letter (in case you have misplaced your bond certificate) for the bond refund process to begin.  Please be respectful of your fellow members and notify us so that the board may effectively manage membership totals and budget accordingly.


We are happy to report that guest fees and birthday party rates will not go up in 2020.

  • Guest Fees – Weekdays $10
  • Guest Fees – Weekends $12
  • Guest Fees- We will also be continuing to offer $5 discounted twilight guest passes for those members that bring a guest after 4pm Monday – Friday.

We are also happy to let you know birthday party rates will remain the same at $50 for a two-hour party, which includes:

  • Reserved table in the picnic area for your entire party!
  • As always, members are free!
  • We will also continue to offer the rental of the Gaga pit during birthday parties for an additional $50 per hour.
  • Gaga is still available for private outside rentals for $100! Compare that to other birthday venues! Many places such as the Wood-Ridge Cub Scouts, Care for Me Daycare and Hasbrouck Heights Middle School have taken advantage of this amazing deal, just to name a few. Contact us today for your party!

Fundraising is an important part of making sure our beautiful pool club continues to have the necessary funds to operate with the same level of quality we have come to expect as well as make improvements as needed while covering all the additional costs from the renovation loan.  Last year, we had some great fundraising events that not only raised the necessary money but provided a great time to all the attended.

  • Paint & Sip by the Pool
  • Swim Club Beefsteak
  • Restaurant Nights Hosted by the Swim & Dive Teams

We will be repeating those aforementioned fundraisers in 2020 as they become annual traditions!

Also making its return is:

  • Buy a Brick! – This was done to great success 2 years ago and all can see the beautiful bricks laid out around the Flag Pole.  Well the Bricks are back!   A flyer will be coming to your inbox – so keep an eye out.  Jenn Ober is the swim club’s new brick coordinator.  The brick will be either 4″x8″ with 3 lines of engraving for $50! Or 8”x8” with 6 lines of engraving for $100!  Please go to to order a brick and immortalize yourself and/or your family into the swim club infrastructure.  Once we get the next 20 orders in we will process and look to have them installed during the season.  The ordering and project will then continue on through September 1st.

We continuously look for new and fun ways to have events and fundraise for the club. Many ideas are being considered and we are open to hearing from all club members for additional ideas. Please consider volunteering, we would love your help to pull them off! Please contact the fundraising committee: Caroline Stevens, Pat Festino, Tim McGuire, & Craig Birth

Here is a list of some potential fundraisers also being considered.

  • Movie by the Pool
  • Comedy Night at Bananas Comedy Club (Hasbrouck Heights Holiday Inn)
    • Corn Hole Tournament
    • Poker by the Pool
    • Foul Shooting contest
    • Parents night out

Tell your family and friends, we are still accepting applications.  As a reminder since we modified our lease with the town in 2017, we are now also accepting applications for Sponsored Families from other towns (5 current pool family references are needed with each application).

GET FREE STUFF (Pay on time and refer a friend)

  • As an incentive to receive payment by April 1st, we are offering two non-transferable / non-replaceable FREE GUEST PASSES for everyone who posts their credit card charge or postmarks their check payments by April 1st (no exceptions after April 1st), so please get those dues in and take advantage of this special offer.
  • Refer a friend and as an incentive we will grant two non-transferable / non-replaceable FREE GUEST PASSES for every family that refers a “NEW” member.  Please have the member mark you as a referral under the references in their application for it to apply.

If there are any questions – our head of membership Caroline Stevens will be happy to help! Just email her at


As we continue to look to improve the swim club experience, we have some exciting enhancements to the onsite food offerings for 2020:

  • Mr. Softee will become the exclusive ice cream truck down on the premises all summer offering both soft serve ice cream and ice pops.  There will also be Allergy & Gluten Free options
  • A food cart selling hotdogs, sausage & peppers, chips, snow cones and other option will be located in the picnic seating area
  • Launched last summer, the office will continue to sell soda, water and PowerAde

Please take a moment to view us at

  • You can renew and pay your membership online through our merchant services web portal
  • Log in under existing member and click on member questionnaire to fill out and submit proof of residency.
  • Select Pay Your Bill Online from the home screen and you can submit your credit card for invoice payment.
  • Events, swim lessons, and swim & dive meet information will all be posted and updated on our calendar.

All other inquiries can continue to be sent to


We are happy to continue to offer swim lessons again this year, at the cost of $30 per child per session. That is only $3 a day per lesson! Information on dates for lessons will be announced later this Spring.


We look forward to welcoming Swim and dive teams back for a great season!

  • We will be hiring new Swim Team coaches – all those interested please contact Pool Manager Mark Morici or Swim Team Liaisons Ronnell Kearns or Craig Birth as soon as possible
    • All interested in volunteering to be Swim team or Dive team moms – please reach out to our general mailbox or contact Ronnell Kearns or Craig Birth, the board’s Swim/Dive team liaisons
      • If you have a child on the Swim team, please consider, volunteering for this critical role to help us secure a successful swim team season.

We hope you noticed and enjoyed the amazing pool events last season!  There were events for all ages:

  • Membership Appreciation / Open House Day
  • Pool Summer Olympics
  • Halloween at the pool
  • Luau night
  • Exclusive teen night (13+ party)
  • Middle School Social (6th grade +)
  • Family Fun Theme Nights

Our Social Events Committee, led by Vice President Jodi Bernet is currently working on planning 2020 events and looking to expand activities for more fun for all members! These events help our community grow, bond, and thrive.


Notifications and updates will be sent via email, Facebook and Instagram (like us, if you have not already done so). Emails should be directed to:


This Is Your Pool… To have an efficiently operated pool, it is necessary for members to fully comply with the rules and regulations. They are for your safety and to protect your investment in the club. Parents, please caution your children to observe the rules and regulations and to obey the instructions of the pool staff.  We encourage you to get to know the Managers and provide them and the Board of Trustees your support.  The Board gladly gives up much of their time to ensure that the club runs well for years to come, so your support is appreciated. Our rules and bylaws can be found on our website

In conclusion, we want to express our enthusiasm for the 2020 summer season, appreciation to all past Board of Trustees and most importantly a big thanks to all the members that make this club successful year after year.  We have a marvelous current group of Board members that have been working hard all off season and will continue to do so in season to ensure the pool shines and its members have an amazing season.  In addition to the Executive Board I introduced you to earlier in the letter we have board members Jeanine Sickels, Caroline Stevens, Peter Baron, Ronnell Kearns, Michelle Nipitella, Tim McGuire, Craig Birth, Pat Festino and Jenn Ober all working to make this pool the tops in the area.   We are looking forward to the great things ahead for HHSC.

As always, if there is anything we can do to help make your day at the pool more enjoyable, such as, assistance with your umbrella or cleaning your table off, please just stop at the front desk and ask for assistance. We are there to help.

The Board of Trustees values all the swim club members and wishes you a fast and amazing Spring – we look forward to seeing everyone this summer!

Here’s Hoping for a Warm and Sunny 2020 Summer,

The Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club Board of Trustees

Michael Davis
President, Hasbrouck Heights Swim Club

President,  Hasbrouck  Heights Swim Club