Reminder Notice

  1. Members who list people 21 years of age and over, and children other than their own, on their questionnaire must include proof of residence (Driver’s license, Social security check, school record, etc.) Passes will not be issued until this proof is received.
        All members listed must be permanently residing at the member’s residence.
  2. Payments received after **APRIL 1** will incur a late fee of $50.00. Payments not received by APRIL 30 can result in cancellation.
  3. Members Resigning after**APRIL 1** are subject to a $100.00 penalty.
  4. Senior option applies to members who have reached the age of 65 prior to the current swim season and have been a member for a minimum of ten years. A one-time poof of age will be required to elect option with dues payment of $490.00, which includes tax.  This membership may only include member and spouse-no other family member.
  5. Rule #2a (Caregiver Guest)

There will be a swim club guest designated as a caregiver guest.  The caregiver guest would serve as a baby sitter for minor members under the age of 14 in the absence of the child’s parent or guardian.

-Caregiver guest must be 14 years of age or older.

-Member under the age of 14 may bring in this designated caregiver guest. 

 -A guest pass must be used each time the caregiver goes to the club.

-Caregiver guest must be in the company of the member or the member’s 

 dependent minors to be admitted to the club.

-Caregiver guest may not bring additional guests to the club.


Thank you for your cooperation.