Rules and Regulations

HHSC Rules and Regulations – revised 2017

1. The Board of Trustees has assigned the Pool Manager and his/her staff the responsibility for maintaining the proper environment at all times. Members must abide by his/her decisions regarding the operation and management of the pool. Please respect his/her authority


2. Membership cards will be issued to all members and their immediate households, as indicated in the By-Laws. Membership cards will show age up to and including 14 years of age, and must be presented at the gate upon entry to the club. Lost cards will be replaced for a nominal fee.


3. Aggressive behavior–including running, fighting, horseplay, abusive language or any misconduct in general is to be avoided. Violations may result in suspension of pool privileges. The imposition of suspension of pool privileges shall be at the discretion of the Pool Manager. In the event of severe or repeated misconduct, seasonal suspension or discharge from membership will be referred to and a decision rendered by the Board of Trustees. The Pool Manager will keep a log book relative to the suspensions. This will include name, violation, amount of days suspended, and the date of suspension. This log book is for the use of the manager and Board of Trustees only. All such information shall be confidential and shall not be released to any member.


4. Should an emergency occur, a continuous blast of the whistle will sound and the horn will sound over the loudspeaker system: all swimmers will immediately leave the pool and clear the pool area and the walkway to the pool. No person shall enter the pool or obstruct the area adjacent to the pool or the walkway leading to the pool until permitted by management or staff.


5. During a thunderstorm, for safety reasons, all swimmers shall immediately leave the pool until instructed to return by management or staff.


6. Smoking is not permitted on the pool grounds. A smoking area has been designated adjacent to the outside entrance to the pool grounds. Cigarette and cigar stubs are to be discarded in the receptacle provided. Glass containers are not permitted on the grounds. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the grounds. Pets are also not permitted on the grounds.


7. Washroom and bathroom facilities are provided for their intended use. Swimmers shall shower before entering the pool. Parents are requested to emphasize these facts to their children. There is to be no loitering in the washroom.


8. Spitting or cleansing of the nose while using the pool is to be avoided.


9. If, in the opinion of the Pool Manager or his/her representative, a swimmer does not appear to be in good physical condition or exhibits an open wound, bandage, cast or sling, rash, evidence of a cold, persistent coughing, or such other condition as may pose a health hazard to others, such swimmer may be excluded from using the pool by management or staff.


10. When, in the opinion of the Pool Manager or his/her representative, young swimmers appear to be fatigued, such swimmers will be required to spend reasonable periods out of the pool in order to avoid over-fatigue. Swimmers under the age of 18 are not permitted in the pool during adult swim.


11. Floating objects, such as rafts, plastic water toys, underwater masks and snorkels, shall not be used in the pool without permission of management.

12. The Kiddie Pool is reserved exclusively for the use of children age 6 and under.Only plastic or rubber toys will be permitted in the Kiddie Pool. Children must be supervised by an adult when using the Kiddie Pool.


13. Infants and toddlers under the age of 4 years are not permitted in the main pool at any time. Such infants and toddlers must use the Kiddie Pool and wear swim diapers if not potty trained. Swim diapers are available in the pool office.


14. Extreme care must be taken in the diving area to permit proper intervals between divers. Members are reminded that all swimming and diving is done at their own risk.


15. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a member age 14 or older when using the pool facilities. That member must assume full responsibility for the child. Exceptions may be granted by management when the child is involved in an instructional class.


16. You must be at least 14 years of age to sign in a guest–with parental consent, both by phone and delivery of a permission slip signed by the parent. A family member of a member of the pool, over the age of 18, may sign in a guest without restriction.


17. It is the responsibility of the pool staff to devote their time to all of those present at the pool facilities and as such the staff cannot be expected to assume the role of babysitter while on duty. Parents are asked to respect the guards and pool management staff in the disciplining of their children while at the pool.


18. Eating and drinking of any kind is prohibited on the pool grounds, except in the designated picnic areas. It is the member’s responsibility to keep the picnic area clean.


19. First aid facilities are available in the First Aid Station. Any injury, regardless of how slight, must be reported to the staff member in charge


20. Members shall be charged for any damages that result from their actions and the actions of their guests.


21. It is advised that proper footware be worn at all times. Shoes or sneakers must be worn in the recreation area.


22. The office is for pool management and staff only. No member or children shall be in the pool office unless requested by pool management or staff.


23. The entranceway to the pool grounds is to be kept clear at all times.